The Drive

The MONTERO SPORT really comes into its own with its off-road ability. This versatile SUV has Super Select 4WD, which offers superior traction in all conditions, a powerful 2.4 litre engine and versatile off road settings to give you complete confidence in all types of terrain.

Super Select 4WD-II

Go where other vehicles fear to tread

The MONTERO SPORT is built for maximum stability and traction thanks to our Super Select 4WD-II system. Use the drive mode selector dial to change easily between the 2WD setting and 4WD settings whilst on the move. When the going gets particularly rough, lock the centre differential using the 4HLc and 4LLc settings for mud sand and snow.*

Off Road Mode

The 4x4 that adjusts itself

Improve traction when driving off-road by choosing the GRAVEL, MUD/SNOW, SAND or ROCK* setting. Just press the OFF ROAD MODE Selector until the mode you want appears in the multi-information display. The MONTERO SPORT's engine output, transmission settings and braking will adjust accordingly for optimum performance.


* The ROCK setting is only available in the 4LLc setting.

**OFF ROAD MODE is only available in the 4HLc and 4LLc setting

2.4 Litre All-Alloy Diesel Engine

Powerful efficiency

Nature is unforgiving for those who show up unprepared. Which is why the MONTERO SPORT has a lightweight all-alloy engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. It delivers remarkable fuel efficiency, low CO2 emissions and the punchy output you need for the toughest of conditions.

All terrain confidence

Travel over, around or through

Because challenges come in all shapes and sizes, the MONTERO SPORT is designed to climb up, over, around and through the toughest terrain.

Turning Radius

A surprisingly small turning radius

For a vehicle this size, the turning radius is unexpectedly small. At 5.6 metres, you can easily manoeuvre and park this vehicle without getting your arms in a knot.

Paddle Shifters

A different way to change gears

Sporty paddle shifters let you change without taking your hands off the wheel. All you have to do is press the paddle.

montero sport

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