Montero Sport Interior

Inside the new generation Montero Sport you’ll find a well-appointed cabin with greater levels of luxury. Sink back into supportive, comfortable seats and take in the solid craftsmanship and attention to detail. With this level of comfort and sophistication, every journey is a pleasure.


Clear, high quality controls

The 8 inch colour LCD meter is located on the dashboard directly in front of the driver. It displays important information, such as vehicle speed and trip information. The easy-to-read graphics have a quality feel and the way the information is displayed can be changed to suit your preference, or for checking different combinations of information.


Use your favourite apps on the move

The centre console houses the Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA). This in-car infotainment hub has a large display screen, faster processing time. It’s also the centre for audio controls and journey status information, such as energy consumption and drive range. The SDA supports Apple CarPlay™ through your iPhone.


Connection for Apple users

Connect your iPhone to the Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA) through Apple CarPlay™. It gives you smart access to Apple Music, Apple Maps, Messages and voice commands using Siri.


Connection for Android users

Just by connecting your Android Smartphone to the Smartphone-Link Display Audio (SDA) through Android Auto™ system means you can operate your favourite apps through voice commands, letting you focus on the road for safer driving.


Room for the whole family

The new generation Montero Sport boasts plenty of legroom and elbow space. The dual-layered seats have been designed for a body-hugging fit – they offer wide shoulder support, side support and a deeper centre for maximum back support. Having a third row of seats means you can fit up to seven adults in comfort.


A cavernous load space

As well as seating for up to seven adults, the Montero Sport has acres of cargo area when the rear seats are folded down.


Useful storage space throughout

The new generation Montero Sport has an improved floor-level console between the front seats, with softer edges and more storage space within. In the main console, there's a little shelf for your smartphone – a rubber mat prevents your device from sliding around.

AC 150W Power Supply

Power for your equipment

There are two useful power outlets in the Montero Sport: one in the centre console and one in the rear cargo area. They provide up to AC150W power supply from the drive battery.

Note: Some appliances may not be used even if they do not exceed the rated power consumption of 150W. Maximum voltage may vary by market. Please consult your local Mitsubishi Motors dealer/distributor for details.

USB port

Easy charging and connecting your device

There are two USB ports – one on the main console and one at the back of the floor level console between the front seats. They allow easy access and mean both front and rear passengers can connect devices such as a smartphone or MP3 player to play music or charge the battery.

Pajero Sport

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