Driving the Attrage

The Attrage is all about the simple pleasure of driving. The roomy, comfortable cabin oozes Japanese quality and craftsmanship. It’s fun to drive and economical to run. In other words, the Attrage offers everything you need, in one well-thought-out package.


Outstanding fuel economy

The Attrage has a 1.2 litre, 12-valve inline 3-cylinder DOHC MIVEC Engine. The MIVEC part stands for Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System. This highly developed engine offers impressive power and spirited acceleration. Combine that with the Attrage's lightweight, aerodynamic body and you're looking at class-leading fuel efficiency.

6-speed automatic transmission

Silky-smooth acceleration

The Attrage is available with a 6-speed automatic INVECS-III CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission). This unique system, engineered by Mitsubishi, means you get silky-smooth acceleration, with no loss of responsiveness. Slip into Sport Mode for a sporty, more manual driving experience.


Easy to handle in the tightest spots

Thanks to an extremely tight turning radius (one of the smallest in its class) the Attrage is easy to manoeuvre through narrow city streets and into crowded parking spaces. For a mid-sized saloon, this makes it immensely practical.


Born in a wind tunnel, raised on the road

With its softly rounded front that pushes away oncoming air, sculpted sides and low raked roof, the Attrage has been designed to be highly aerodynamic. Add the advanced MIVEC engine into the equation and you'll find the Attrage is exceptionally economical to run.


Become an eco-friendly driver

Whenever you put your foot down, the ECO indicator lights up. The more eco-friendly your driving (gentle acceleration) the more lights you get. It encourages you to develop better driving habits that could lower your fuel costs further and contribute to a cleaner environment.


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